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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the preeminent provider of international trade compliance solutions in the global marketplace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve, educate and empower global organizations whose leaders understand that ethics and compliance means good business.

Our Values

Integrity, Service, Excellence, Humility, Passion, Financial Security.

In everything we do, we refer to and hold true to our values, which are:

Integrity: We strive to always be clear in our communication, we honor our word, and we have an ongoing commitment to do the right thing at all times and in all circumstances.

Service: We are committed to providing consistently exceptional service to all of our clients and to one another. We dedicate ourselves to providing timely and reliable service of the highest quality.

Excellence: We are proactive lifelong learners and our culture encourages and provides ongoing opportunities for our team to grow and improve our technical competencies. We seek to continuously improve the accuracy, practicality and effectiveness of our work and the methods by which we deliver our trade compliance products and services to our clients.

Humility: We strive as individuals and as a team to continually avoid pride and selfishness by admitting when we are wrong, acknowledging that we do not have all the answers, recognizing when someone else has a better idea, and putting our clients’ and one another’s needs and goals above our own.

Passion: We share a passion for what we do for a living and we are also committed to pursuing our life passions - the personal causes, people, and missions we consider to be our highest purpose as individuals. We believe that our professions and our passions need not be mutually exclusive, and we strive to live out our passions in our daily lives both at work and beyond. While our individual passions cover a range of causes, we all share a passion for the pursuit of justice and for supporting business leaders who understand that compliance is good business.

Financial Security: Our goal is to provide a positive, stable and long-term workplace by honoring our employees’ passions, remaining true to our values, and fostering ethical financial success and job security for our employees and their families.