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August 18, 2016

CBP Implements Phased Mandatory Transition to ACE

Beginning July 23, 2016, electronic entry and entry summary filings associated with most entry types, including “consumption” entries (the most common entry type), must be submitted via the Automated Commercial Environment (“ACE”). Below is a list of the entry types that must now be filed in ACE.

The Automated Commercial System (“ACS”), the legacy filing program, will still be the sole authorized electronic data interchange system for the following entry types:

The remaining entry types will not be automated in either ACE or ACS due to their low shipment volume.

Additionally, effective August 29, ACE will be the sole CBP-authorized method for filing electronic protests. Parties wishing to file an electronic protest after that date must establish an ACE Protest Filer Account. (For more information on how to set up an ACE Protest Filer Account, please click here.)