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Joiner Trade Solutions® offers courses on U.S. trade controls compliance topics. All of our courses are offered in an eLearning format through our online Learning Management System or in a live, instructor-led format. For organizations that have their own Learning Management System, our eLearning courses may be delivered through any SCORM-compliant LMS.

U.S. Trade Controls eLearning Solutions
Joiner Trade Solutions® has developed a suite of eLearning export controls, sanctions, and customs courses that break the regulations down into simple concepts, provide additional source material in resource tabs, and test an individual’s progress with practice exercises, making this interactive eLearning process great for all types of learners.

Our intuitive Learning Management System allows you to assign an administrator from your organization to manage access to the courses and monitor the progress of employees as they complete the courses. Learners can access and complete their assigned courses via their computer, smartphone, or tablet. Our LMS records each learner’s training records and test scores.

The Joiner Trade Solutions® courses were designed by attorneys and an engineer with over 25 years of combined U.S. trade compliance experience. The result is a set of practical courses that teach learners how to apply the regulations to their job functions.

We offer overview courses for beginners or those needing a refresher on a given topic, annual update courses, and the following Comprehensive Programs consisting of a series of recommended courses:

We also offer a comprehensive curriculum for those wanting to become cross-trained in all of the key areas of U.S. international trade controls. Please see our Course Catalog available on our website for a full listing of available courses.

All of our courses are also available in a live, instructor-led format. All of our instructors are consultants or licensed attorneys with U.S. trade controls experience.